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Welcome to Swedish Topless Models!

We here at STM want to give you the opportunity to get your face on the Internet. If you are hoping to get discovered by the big model agencies or if you are just exhibitionistic, you have come to the right place. This maybe you big brake. So if you want the chance to be famous send us your picture and we might publish it, totaly free.

STM doesn't have any interest in making profit what so ever. This is a project that we started purely to make it possible for young models to reach out to agencies. STM is not a model agency neither can we offer jobs to models. But we will mediate work and/or offers to the models published on our site. If you want to send your pictures to us do it here.

Some of the pictures in the Photo gallery were published without the permission of the model in it. So if you feel that you have been published against you will, please contact us and we will remove you picture immediately. Strong evidence that this actually is the real models wish, is of course a must.

To model agencies or other contractors: We at Swedish Topless Model wont intrude with your work with the models. We are not interested in any profit. We only work to connect you with the models. We will never take any off the profit the model make under any circumstances. So feel free to use us as completely free supplying agency. If you need to contact us please try here.

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